Payment Options

ACS Authoring Services offers several payment options to meet your specific needs. Please contact our support team if you have any questions about payments or invoices.

ACS Authoring Services can accept any of the following methods of payment:

Credit/Debit Card

We currently accept the following currencies for these credit/debit cards:

  • Chinese Yuan / Renminbi (CNY / RMB): UnionPay, MasterCard, Visa
  • Euro (EUR): MasterCard, Visa
  • US Dollar (USD): American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club
  • British Pounds Sterling (GBP): MasterCard, Visa
  • Japanese Yen (JPY): MasterCard, Visa
  • Brazilian Real (BRL R$): MasterCard, Visa

Alipay/UnionPay (with or without Fapiao)

If you need Chinese Fapiao (发票), please select our Alipay (支付宝), UnionPay (银联卡) or Bank Transfer (对公转账) with Fapiao payment option and input the required information. Our business partner CIBTC will import the service and provide a Chinese Fapiao for you. We provide several Fapiao categories: Polishing Fee (润色费), Editing Fee (编辑费), Translation Fee (翻译费), Service Fee (服务费), Information Searching Fee (文献检索费), and Consulting Fee (咨询费). Please select your preferred Fapiao category during the online checkout process. CIBTC will mail the Chinese Fapiao to you within 2 weeks of your payment. Please note that if you choose to pay by a credit card, purchase order, or PayPal, we cannot issue a Chinese Fapiao. Instead, you will receive a non-taxed receipt (收据) or bill (账单) from ACS Authoring Services.

WeChat Pay

WeChat users can pay directly via Quick Pay, QR Code, In-App Web-Based, or Native In-App Payments.


To pay with a boleto, you will need to have your CPF or CNPJ number, billing address and telephone number. The payment deadline is 30 days from the day the boleto is administered.


Upon selecting PayPal as your payment option, you will be directed to the PayPal site to complete the transaction after the submission is uploaded to the ACS Authoring Services site. Visit their site at to create an account or learn more about PayPal.

Bank Transfer

You can pay by bank transfer if your university, institution, or organization requires direct payment. If you select this option, a $25 wire transfer fee will be added to your total, and your bank may also require additional fees. We will automatically add any outstanding bank fees to your next invoice if we do not receive the full amount of your payment. Please provide the Purchase Order number (if applicable at your institution) and complete billing details when you submit your manuscript. Chinese fapiao available for bank transfers payments.

We accept payments in US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), Chinese Yuan / Renminbi (CNY/RMB), British Pounds Sterling (GBP), Brazilian Real (BRL R$) and Japanese Yen (JPY). Estimated prices on the prices page and in the submission process are based on the current currency exchange rates. Please note that the final price may vary based on market conditions.

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