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Increase the visibility of your research with our range of post-publication promotional services.

Video Abstracts

Help your paper stand out with an accompanying video abstract. This 2 – 3 minute video helps viewers get an overview of your manuscript, including the purpose and key results – everything you would include in your written abstract!

What is included:

  • Professional script writing and voiceover, custom animation, images, and footage, with music upon request
  • A detailed brief with tips and resources to help you maximize the reach of your video
  • A slide deck of stills for use in presentations or posters
  • You will retain the copyright to the video

Typical delivery time: 4-5 weeks

Price: $1,500

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Video Bytes

Summarize your research with a short 1 minute Video Byte aimed at a lay audience.

What is included:

  • Images, footage, and music with overlaid text
  • You will retain the copyright to the video

Typical delivery time: 10 business days

Price: $350

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Lay Summaries

Capture the main points of your work with a short written summary. The lay summary aims to help you easily communicate the findings of your research to a public audience.

What is included:

  • A brief summary capturing the essence of your research, written by a professional scientific script writer

Typical delivery time: 7 business days

Price: $150 per 100 words (please specify desired length when you order)

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An infographic is a great visual aid to help a wider audience understand your research. Creating an infographic provides a visual snapshot of the background, methodology, and key findings from your study.

What is included:

  • Full color, custom infographic created visual by our professional illustrators, formatted for easy sharing via social media.

Typical delivery time: 10 business days

Price: $400 for full creation of a custom infographic; $300 for creation of a infographic if text and a basic design are supplied

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