Academic translation by experts with research experience in chemistry and related fields. Translation is available from Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish into publication-quality English.

With ACS Authoring Services’ scientific Translation service, you can save time and money by writing your paper in your native language and letting our team of professional scientific and technical translators transform your manuscript into publication-quality English. Our translators are active members of the academic community, have extensive experience with the research and writing conventions of their fields in both languages, and are published authors.

Our Services

ACS Authoring Services currently provides translation for the following languages:

  • Chinese
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Our Approach

Unlike other translation services, ACS Authoring Services’ Translation is subject-specific and includes high-quality language editing by active researchers. We match your paper with translators who are experts in your field of study and will accurately translate field-specific terms. It then goes through an additional round of editing to ensure that your paper is indistinguishable from papers written by native English speakers. Our Translation service is geared toward preparing a publication-quality manuscript. Therefore, please submit your manuscript to us in its FINAL form.

ACS Authoring Services’ Editing Certificate

Because our Translation service also includes editing after the paper has been translated, your paper will receive an ACS Authoring Services editing certificate. You can submit the certificate to your target journal along with your final draft to prove that your manuscript has been edited by professional English language editors. Completing this step can bring you one step closer to publication.

Quality Guarantee

Our Translation service provides translation and editing of your manuscript by experts in your area of study. Every manuscript submitted to our Translation service receives the ACS Authoring Services’ Editing Certificate, and we guarantee that if you are not satisfied with your manuscript, or if the journal says that the English needs improvement, we will re-edit it for free.

About Our Team of Experts

ACS Authoring Services’ experts are native English speakers. Each manuscript is matched with a subject matter expert who has either completed or is completing a Master’s, Ph.D., or M.D. program at a top-ranked U.S. university or who has worked at a top U.S. research institute. Learn More

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