Graphical Abstract

Our team of subject matter experts and graphic designers transform your research manuscript into a compelling visual representation that convey your key findings and meets the requirements of your target journal.

From Conceptualization to Production

We can extract the key findings from your manuscript and design a visual representation of your research, or we can take any outline or rough sketch from you and give it a polished design. You will receive the final product with high-resolution images and carefully written captions.

Graphical Abstract Samples

A picture is worth a thousand words and could give your audience an intuitive grasp of the essence of your research. Check out our graphical abstracts sample.


We want to work with you to create the perfect visual representation of your ideas!

You could leave everything to us, but we would prefer to collaborate with you to give shapes to your ideas. Please share any concept, sketch, or outline with our subject-matter expert when you place the order. We will also constantly seek your input during the design and production of the graphical abstract.


How it Works



A PhD expert from your field of research will develop a synopsis of your manuscript, summarizing the key concepts and findings of your research.


The subject-matter expert will work with a scientific illustrator to develop a prototype sketch that visually represents your research.


The design team will use professional software such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw to transform the sketch into a 2D image and give it to you for review.


We will fine-tune the graphics according to your feedback. The final image will conform to the technical specifications set by your target journal.


What do we need from you when you order a graphical abstract?+
We need a copy of your final manuscript, with all the figures and tables, and the name of your target journal. If you have an idea of the type of graphical abstract you would like, you may also submit a rough sketch or draft as a reference. Additionally, if you have any preference for the visual presentation (such as style, color scheme, the proportion of visuals and text, etc.), please include these details when ordering the Graphical Abstract service.
Will I have the copyright of the graphical abstract? Can I use this for other purposes, such as publishing it on my social media feeds?+
We will transfer all copyrights to you upon delivery. If there is any copyrighted element that we have purchased for use in the graphical abstract, we will also provide this information to you in the report. You may use the materials as you wish; however, we would suggest that you ensure that you retain copyright when you post the materials where possible.
Can I edit the delivered graphical abstract?+
You will need to have access to the appropriate software to edit the delivered graphical abstract. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you send the FINAL version of your manuscript and give us timely feedback during the production of your graphical abstract. We stand by the quality of our work, and if our design should fail to meet your expectations, we will work with you to correct the issue.

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