Research Promotion Services

Increase the visibility of your research with our portfolio of post-publication promotional services. Your research will make its biggest impact when the objective and significance of your research is accessible to others outside your discipline.

With ACS Promotional Services you can receive

  • More Citations
  • More Attention
  • More Connections

Price: $1,500

Typical delivery time: 30 business days, subject to client response time

Video Abstract

Tell your research story with a compelling narrative in one of our video abstracts. The video will help viewers get an overview of your research, from your research question to key results. Your main conclusions will resonate with your audience!

  • Professional script writing. We will seek your input once the script and storyboard are prepared.
  • A professionally produced 2-3 min video with voiceover, custom animation, images, and soundtrack
  • You retain the copyright to the video

Price: $350

Typical delivery time: 18 business days, subject to client response time

Video Byte

Summarize your research with a 1-minute Video Byte aimed at a lay audience.

  • Professional script writing. We will seek your input once the script and storyboard are prepared.
  • Images, footage, and music with captions
  • You retain the copyright to the video

Price: $150

Typical delivery time: 7 business days

Lay Summary

Capture your research in a short, jargon-free summary that communicates your key findings to the general public or scientists outside your immediate research fields.

  • A summary of up to 200 words that captures the essence of your research, written by a professional science writer
  • Our writers can tailor the summary to a specific audience, such as grant reviewers or undergraduate students.

Price: $400

Typical delivery time: 10 business days


ACS infographics serve as a visual aid to help the audience understand your research and retain key information. Our illustrators present complex data and concepts in an intuitive and visually appealing way to help tell your research story.

  • A full-color infographic created by our team of subject-matter experts and professional illustrators, formatted for easy sharing via social media
  • You retain the copyright to the infographic

Price: $400

Typical delivery time: 10 business days

Poster Presentation

Our subject-matter expert will extract the essence of your research manuscript and present it in a professionally designed poster with captions, charts/tables/images, and graphics. We can customize your poster according to any event-specific requirements.

  • A PDF file of your poster prepared with professional software
  • Raw files are available upon request.

Ready to place your order?

We promise that your research will be represented with scientific rigor and broad appeal in any medium you choose.


Should I purchase Promotional Services only when my paper is accepted by a journal?+
We recommend that you request these services once you have received preliminary acceptance and your manuscript is in production with the journal. By starting the process then, your promotional materials will be ready by the time of publication.
What information do I need to provide to purchase Promotional Services?+
You will need to provide your final manuscript, with all the figures and tables, and share the name of your target journal. Please tell us if you have certain promotional platforms or target audiences in mind. Additionally, any input on the theme, color schemes, and other design aspects will help us customize the output to your preferences.
Can I get my promotional material translated?+
We can provide translation support at an additional fee based on the specifics of your order. Please specify your needs for translation on the inquiry form.
Will I hold the copyright for all delivered materials?+
We will transfer all copyrights to you upon delivery. If there is any copyrighted element that we have purchased for use in the video or graphics, we will also provide this information to you in the report so that you can include appropriate citations in future use. You may use the materials as you wish; however, we would suggest that you ensure that you retain copyright when you post the materials and avoid handing over rights to third parties.
Can I edit the delivered infographic/poster?+
You will need to have access to the appropriate software to make any updates to a delivered infographic or poster. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you send the FINAL version of your manuscript for us to produce promotional materials. We stand behind the quality of our work, and if a design does not meet your expectations, we will work with you to correct the issue.

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